Yoshika  is a high school math teacher and adjunct math instructor. As a teacher, she considers herself a life-long learner, always seeking to learn more about life and the world around her. Yoshika is an avid writer, usually working on something almost daily (whether to publish or for her own enjoyment).

Despite her math background, her favorite subject is history– especially Cold War history. Her military brat upbringing has taught her the value of freedom and the importance of respect for diverse cultures. As a military brat, Yoshika attended 22 different schools from Pre-K through college. Despite the difficulty of such a lifestyle, she still loves to travel.

Yoshika is a recently published author, who is currently working on two upcoming books. Her book,  Cold War Memories: A Retrospective on Living in Berlin; A City Divided–Memoirs of U.S. Dependents in Berlin is available on Amazon.